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Update on you recent order

I've had a large number of orders during December and January, and although that is excellent news, it is just me (Heather Valentine) that orders, processes, and dispatches them all! I can assure you that I am processing them as we speak.
It did state on my websites store page that orders will be delivered between Feb-March 2020 (It's still January). On each print, it states that typically, orders take between 2 - 6 weeks to arrive once you've received your shipping confirmation email (check your spam/junk folder). 
One of the main reasons I have removed my store from my website is because I received endless emails from people asking for updates on their orders or requesting Paypal refunds even after I've sent the items. 

Also, I have a lot of people put orders through with an out of date address on their Paypal account so I end up shipping their items to their old address. People also unsubscribe from my emails or report them as spam (I really don't send that many), and therefore don't receive any order confirmations, updates or shipping confirmations, etc.
Although 90% of you are happy customers and I appreciate you dearly, the odd few really do stress me out.
I'm afraid it's not a quick and fast process.
1) I have to order all the individual prints, which can take up to two weeks to be delivered to me depending on size.
2) I have to make time to sign each one and wrap them all ready for shipping. 
3) You'll receive a shipping confirmation email from me 
3) You have to wait 2-5 days UK for them to arrive, and up to 6 weeks if you live outside of the UK.
Also, I've had some issues with some images I received from a photographer recently, and they did not print well. So, if you ordered any of my new Christmas images, please expect a slight delay.
The best place to message me is OnlyFans or Instagram. I have so many spam emails I struggle to filter and keep up with them. I don't have Facebook or messenger on my phone.
I hope that helps answers your question! 
Heather xx
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