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Closing Down My Store

I'm afraid I'm going to be removing the option to purchase autographed prints from my store. I do it all myself which can be a huge task when I receive a large number of orders that need printing, signing, packing, and then shipping. I'm only human and sometimes I make mistakes or miss the odd order which causes some people to report me to Paypal or reverse payments even after I've posted the items.  It's never been hugely profitable, but I've really enjoyed sharing my pin-up art with the world. However, I need a break in order to focus of other aspects of my businesses.


Don't panic, I haven't ruled out the prospect of creating a 2020 calendar, so I may continue to sell items like that via my online store. I may also do the odd run of prints for new images, which should be so much more manageable for myself.

My store will officially be removed on 20th April 2019. I currently have a 50% off discount code to ensure you can purchase your favourite image before I remove them all. Just put SALE50 into the coupon box upon checkout. You can order as many prints as you like with that code, but it doesn't include my 2018 magazine or my calendar (not that I think I have any left).

Please note: I will continue to do what I do online :) but stay tuned for new things!!!! 

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