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Heather Valentine 2016 Pin Up Model Calendar By Dollhouse Photography

After a number of requests from my lovely fans, I decided to look into the possibility of creating my very own calendar. As you know, I’m never one to sit on the fence when it comes to achieving my goals, and I quickly decided to book a full day shoot with the best photographer I could think of - DollHouse Photography.

Having spent a few days drafting ideas and finely tuning a variety of signature poses, we got to work! I loved the entire process, from the initial ideas meetings through to full execution of the project. I absolutely loved thinking up new ideas for Christmas, Easter, and my Birthday months. I decided to use some of my already published popular images to make up some of the other months.

Heather Valentine Pin Up Model Easter Bunny Pin Up By Dollhouse Photography

Equipped with my plan and endless enthusiasm (trust me, I needed it!), I knew that we had a good chance of perfecting those dream shots in the time that we had available. The amount of time, effort, and talent that went into creating this little pinup calendar is immeasurable! Oh, and the variety of pinup themes, seductive outfits and naughty poses should be enough to keep anyone entertained for all 12 months of 2016.

Heather Valentine Pin Up Model | Golf Pin Up By Dollhouse Photography

The calendar shoot took just over 10 hours to complete, which included styling, outfit changes and posing - exhausting is an understatement! In this time, we managed to shoot a few extra images, such as the Halloween themed image on page 12 and a cover for the DollHouse 2016 Calendar.

I had a full vintage pinup makeover by the super talented stylist at DollHouse, Zanett. Zan can perfect a catalogue of ultra-glam vintage hairstyles and her make up skills are endless. I chose to have a mix of retro hairstyles including Hollywood waves, victory rolls, and a faux bang for my calendar images.

Heather Valentine Pin Up Model | Birthday Cake Pin Up By Dollhouse Photography

One of my favourite parts of the shoot was being able to have a 'mess about' with Chrissy and Zan in-between posing, as well as taking selfies to share with my fans online.

Heather Valentine Model Selfies on Instagram and Snap Chat

And, whilst I wish I could say 'they're always lots of fun', this simply isn’t the case. I'm often lying down or sitting at awkward angles on a concrete floor or a little stool, or balancing on some kind of prop. Modelling or 'model yoga’ as I like to call it, really is exhausting and I spend most of the next day moaning about aches and pains like a baby.

In-between my naughty nude sets, I wore some adorable pinup outfits and lingerie from the designer collection at the Doll House studio. I felt about 6 years old playing dress up with all the amazing outfits, shoes and accessories! I mean, who wouldn’t?

This is one of my favourites from the calendar shoot and was even considered to be the cover!

Heather Valentine Pin Up Model Boudoir Stocking Peek By Dollhouse Photography

I cannot wait to create a 2017 Calendar next year! Which one of the images below is your favourite? Post your comments below :)

Heather xoxo

Heather Valentine Pin Up Model 2016 Calendar By Dollhouse Photography


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