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Heather Valentine Pin Up Model Columnist for Delicious Dolls Magazine - American Pin Up Magazine

* Featured in Delicious Dolls Magazine July 2016

Why Every Girl Should Try Pinup

Every girl loves to feel good, right? After all, we all need a confidence boost from time to time, and the chance to feed our alter egos and explore our multifaceted selves.

For me, the world of pin-up is my form of escapism, allowing me to celebrate my individuality and experiment with a whole host different looks.

But that’s not all, if you’ve ever wanted to feel like a movie star for the day or step out of your comfort zone in order to feel sexy and empowered, you should definitely consider trying pin up!

Of course, I live and breathe all things pinup but I truly believe that a participating in your very own pinup shoots encompasses all of the ingredients that will allow you to fall in love with yourself, all over again. It’s also great fun!

Nautical Pin Up Hello Sailor | Heather Valentine Pinup Blog | Pin Up Image by Dollhouse Photography

I’ve created a list outlining some of the reasons why every girl should give pinup a whirl.

Feel sexy and empowered

Feeling content and happy in your own skin will instantly give you a much-needed confidence boost when it comes to celebrating your individuality.

And taking part in a pinup shoot will allow you to experiment with a whole host of different looks, themes and poses! It really is a lot like playing dress up in a ‘grown up’ world.

Black and White Hollywood Glamour Pin Up Image | Model Heather Valentine by The Vintage Pinup Studio | Pin Up & Vintage Blog

Boost your self-esteem

Every girl needs a self-esteem boost from time to time, right? And if you’re feeling down about your appearance, taking part in a pinup shoot will instantly make you feel good about yourself again!

Better still, you will even have lasting memory that you can take away with you and share with your family, friends or grandchildren. Take it from me, having a professional photograph capture your new look is genuinely rewarding.

And remember, the playful nature of the pinup world means that you should never take yourself too seriously. After all, it’s an opportunity to explore new roles and hyper-stylised versions of you!

Heather Valentine Pinup Blog | Pin Up Image by Paulina Czochra Photographer

Why do it alone?

Participating in a pin up shoot for the first time is super fun on your own but even better when you do it with friends!

The ultimate girly girl experience, you really will love creating lasting memories with your favourite girlfriends. It’s also the ultimate bonding experience. After all, who doesn’t want their friends with them to give their honest opinions when it comes to cementing the perfect looks, poses and finished result?

Embracing female strength in numbers is also a great way to blend different looks together whilst laughing, posing and most importantly, having fun!

Nautical Pin Up Hello Sailor | Retro Bikini | Heather Valentine Pinup Blog | Pin Up Image by Paulina Czochra Photographer

Feel pampered

From the hair, make-up, and clothes through to the accessories, shoes, and lingerie, preparing for a pin up shoot will instantly make you feel good about yourself.

But that’s not all, the world of pin-up accepts woman of all shapes and sizes. It’s about celebrating individuality rather than dictating how a woman should aspire to be.

Instead, the pin-up world is all about self-love and recognising beauty in all forms. It’s pretty refreshing considering the fashion and beauty industry tend to push the ideology that all woman should be stick thin!

One thing’s for sure, once you’ve braved your first pinup shoot, you’re sure to get the bug! After all, with the demands of everyday life often pulling us in all different directions, taking the time ourselves is often just what the doctor ordered.

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Heather xoxo


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