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Heather Valentine Pin Up Model Columnist for Delicious Dolls Magazine - American Pin Up Magazine

*Featured in Delicious Dolls Magazine September 2016

My Top 5 Favourite Pin-Ups

When Hollywood comes a knocking, my list of iconic women is as long as my arm. My fans are always asking where I draw inspiration and are often surprised when I tell them that I love modern pin-up just as much as the classic styles.

Right now modern pin-up is buzzing, and these girls make the top of my “ones to watch” list.

Emily Doll

Emily Doll, from Oklahoma, USA, is the embodiment of her name.

'The Vintage Doll’, as Emily is more commonly known, has built a strong community over the last 6 years and her passion and dedication to Pin-up and Rockabilly have secured her place as one of the most loveable modern day Pin-ups.

"What I have came from my passion and love for what I do. I've failed, I've redirected my path, I've made poor choices and changed things in my brand. It's all about figuring out what works and not stopping. Its about learning and growing and evolving in your craft. Putting in the work, not riding others coat tails but walking your own path. Its about passion and love for something." (quoted from Emily’s Facebook Bio).

What I love about Emily, (other than the fact she is super-hot), is her authenticity. She loves engaging with her fans and her sweet natured personality shines through on everything she does. Give her a follow on Snapchat.

Emily Doll - The Vintage Doll | World Famous Pin Up Model

Cherry Dollface

Cherokee or Cherry Dollface is a super-cute Pin-up model from Portland, Oregan. Popular for her hair and makeup tutorials on YouTube, the Cherry Dollface makes pin-up accessible for the modern world.

Cherry Dollface began modelling in 2005 and is a rockabilly sensation on YouTube! Tune into Cherry’s YouTube channel every Tuesday and Thursday for her pin-up hair and makeup tutorials. You’ll soon see why she has always been one of my favourites!

The Cherry Dollface ( Cherokee ) by Vixen Pinup Photography | World Famous Pin Up Model & Youtube Superstar

Photo credit: Cherry Dollface | Vixen Pinup Photography


This Russian blonde is the alternative to alt-modelling. Having started her career in fetish modelling at the tender age of 17 Mosh soon rose to fame for her unique self-stylised work.

Mosh uses Pinup to create a truly modern style that blows mainstream out of the water. Her creativity and passion for creating truly stunning pieces of art has led to huge popularity for this model, including 7 cover features for Bizarre magazine and an appearance in Pink’s music video “Blow Me One Last Kiss”.

I can safely say that working with Mosh is on my bucket list of things to die before I die!

Mosh Famous Pin Up Model and Burlesque Dancer | My favourite pinup by Heather Valentine

Photo credit: Click here

Kristelle O’Chocolat

Internationally published and award winning pin up, Kristelle O’Chocolat brings a darker twist to the Pin-up scene. Kristelle is a self-proclaimed retroholic, her passion for 1950’s culture has led to an incredible body of work in “cheesecake pinup” which truly embodies the fashion, art and musicality of the times.

Kristelle does have a more sultry side though, as you will see in her lingerie, alternative and fetish portfolio. Kristelle really is a modern day Bettie Page!

Kristelle O'Chocolat Fetish & Pinup Model from the UK | The Hourglass Photographer (Nicole)

Kitty Rockabilly

Petite, curvy in all the right places, doe eyes and porcelain complexion… it sounds like a recipe for the perfect Pin-up model.

Kitty Rockabilly has it all, not only is she cute and sexy, but she is also the lead singer for rockabilly band, Kitty Rockabilly and the TomCats. I’d really like to work with Kitty sometime soon!

Kitty Rockabilly Pinup Model | The Pinup Academy

Who is your favourite pin-up? Comment below :)

Heather xoxo

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