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Heather Valentine Pin Up Model Columnist for Delicious Dolls Magazine - American Pin Up Magazine

A Selfie Love Affair

It’s fair to say that everyone loves a Selfie, right? After all, we’re all guilty of It’s fair to say that everyone loves a Selfie, right? After all, we’re all guilty of shamelessly whipping out our smartphone at any opportunity to snap the perfect shot! From finding the right angle, lighting and of course, perfecting that perfectly poised raised eyebrow and sideways smile, there really is an art to a trend that is taking over all aspects of our life.

Now a global phenomenon, the smartphone self-portrait that we have all come to know and love, is now a huge part of our daily lives! And you only have to look at Instagram to realise the real scale of this global phenomenon, as recent research has revealed that there is currently more than 90 million photos posted with the hashtag #Me!

Heather Valentine Vintage Blogger & Pin Up Model Selfie

And like any new trend populating the digital age, the celebrity world have certainly led the way when it comes to embracing Selfies. From Kim Kardashian's Selfie-obsessed ways to Rhianna’s explicit posing, there are many celebrities who are more than happy to share intimate snapshots of their life, in the digital world.

In fact, many experts have claimed that the Selfie is, in fact, revolutionising the way we gather autobiographical information about our friends, families, colleagues and role models.

After all, with more and more of us becoming obsessed with our social media platforms, not to mention constantly glued to our mobile devices, to an extent where being apart from them causes us separation anxiety, it’s certainly easy to see how the trend is taking over our lives.

Heather Valentine Vintage Blogger & Pin Up Model Selfie

Of course, as every pinup model knows, it’s important to embrace the latest trends, especially when it comes to profile raising. For me, selfies allow me to share instant snapshots of my life with my fans, and they are a great way to connect and engage with my followers.

But that’s not all for me, taking Selfies allows me to experiment with a whole host of different poses, which helps me when it comes to shoot days, when it’s vital that I can nail the perfect shot!

I love the fact that they also allow you to create memories, and have full control over the images you are taking. I recently jumped on the selfie stick bandwagon, and I have honestly had so much fun playing around with it, and creating lots of fun and interesting snapshots of my life, which I have shared with my fans.

Heather Valentine Vintage Blogger & Pin Up Model Selfie

In fact, they appear to be more popular than professional Pinup and Boudoir images. I think this is due to the fact that they are more ‘real’ and allow your individual personality to shine through. They can also be as sexy, playful and intimate as you want them to be! I also find that my selfie images spark far more interaction on social media than my professional images - it’s crazy how much the trend has taken off!

For example, a professional image taken of me wearing vintage lingerie is seen as elegant and classy but a Selfie taken in my bedroom in the same lingerie is considered to be very naughty! I have noticed that the Selfies I post are far more popular than my other images, which is why I have started selling signed Selfie prints!

Heather Valentine Vintage Blogger & Pin Up Model Selfie

And love them or hate them, self-indulgent Selfies are certainly here to stay. And, if us pinup models what to maximise our exposure, it’s important that we exploit the latest trends to remain popular in the public eye.

Heather xx If you want to see more selfies and behind the scenes images, feel free to follow me on Snapchat (@missvalentineuk) or Instagram.

Heather xx

Heather Valentine Vintage Blogger & Pin Up Model SNAP CHAT username @missvalentineuk


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