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Heather Valentine Blog Pin Up Model

In March, I was commissioned by DollHouse Photography to complete a product shoot for True Corset Lingerie.

To coincide with the formal product shots that I had been commissioned to shoot, we also decided to do some more creative, modern pinup images too! As you know, I’m always up for anything, so I was quick to embrace the opportunity.

Sporting nothing other than a pair of vintage high waisted briefs and long sheer gloves, it’s no surprise why this simple shot is also one of my most popular images!

Heather Valentine Boudoir Goddess By DollHouse Photography

At a loss for ideas I turned to my Facebook fan page prior to my shoot and asked for requests … one of which being a French maid. The comment received so many replies I thought, “How could I not?”. I’ve always loved dressing up and decided to go for it. The idea of a naughty maid cleaning your office got everyone going!

Heather Valentine and Sinderella Rockafella Pinup Secretary Cosplay By DollHouse Photography

It’s also not usual for me to turn to my fans on Facebook for shoot inspiration. I love hearing what you all think, and there’s always so many ideas floating about on there, its hard not to utilise it when I need to!

The record player image was another modern idea with a retro vibe, also very popular! And most importantly, it certainly shows that bringing traditional and modern styling together always goes down a treat.

Heather Valentine Pin Up DJ Posing Ideas By DollHouse Photography

At the top of this page is an image we created with the aim of fulfilling a lot of fantasies by incorporating myself and the incredible SINderella Rockafella in one image! We weren’t able to book a shoot together however, with the power of Photoshop, Dollhouse managed to shoot separate poses perfect enough to pop together in this naughty secretary themed image! I love it!

Heather Valentine French Maid Pin Up Ideas By DollHouse Photography

Here is a little selfie I took on the day! For more selfies check out my Instagram.

Heather Valentine Selfie Instagram

Who wants to see more double trouble pin up? Comment below :)

Heather xx


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