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October Divine & Heather Valentine UK Pin Up Models by Dollhouse Photography | Pillow Fight Pin Up Photo Shoot

Ever since the beginning of my pinup quest, I had always wanted to do a shoot with Miss October Divine. And my dreams literally came true in September 2015, when DollHouse Photography planned a double trouble shoot!

Chrissy, the photographer and creative genius behind DollHouse, came up with the idea of doing a pillow fight themed shoot. Packed full of energy, movement, and character, this shoot was so much fun and really allowed us to show the many different sides of our personalities.

The amazing DollHouse wardrobe team supplied all the outfits and props used during the shoot. This included the pillows in the picture that, as you can see, we soon destroyed! Although many models have their own wardrobes of props and outfits, it’s not unusual to arrive on a shoot and have the luxury of digging through a wardrobe of props and accessories that have been picked out especially for the shoot that you’re working on. As you can imagine, this is by far one of my favourite parts of the job.

And it’s safe to say we had a lot of fun pulling apart feather pillows and posing on the bed set. However, although it was lots and lots of fun, it wasn’t quite as easy as it looked as every time we yanked the pillow or threw up feathers, we’d end up with them everywhere, in our hair, faces, and even in our mouths!

Heather Valentine and October Divine Lingerie Selfie Behind The Scenes at a Vintage Pin Up Photo Shoot

Obviously, the feathers certainly added a new dimension to the shoot and really enhanced the finished images. The image you can see below is still one of my favourites, mainly because getting the opportunity to complete a shoot with Miss October Divine had always been a personal ambition of mine. And now I can say I’ve done it!

I’m over the moon with the end results and can’t wait to see the images published. We shot a total of 5 professional images, including the one below, and they’re all going to be published in a magazine fairly soon. So watch this space…

Comment below if you would like to see myself and October Divine do some more pin up photo shoots together!

Heather xoxo

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